2018 Programming Outline

2018 Programming Outline

Happy New Year! We’re excited to unveil our 2018 programming outline.

Based on your feedback at Town Hall, we determined that we wanted to host events more frequently, focusing on a mix of our smaller recurring events and larger A-list events. This year you’ll notice an all-new type of recurring event, the DesignLab workshop series. These will be hands-on workshops, focusing on a particular skill or tool. We’ve also added speakers to every Design Drinking happy hour, giving some of our local talent a platform to showcase their work and favorite past projects. All of our speakers and discussion topics can be found below!

There are still some details to come, but here is our roadmap for 2018 as it stands today. If you have any questions you can email us at info@nwa.aiga, or approach a board member at one of our upcoming events—we’d love to hear your thoughts!


Grammar of Ornament January 19
DesignLab | UX & Empathy January 13
Design Drinking | Brittany Phillips January 25


DesignLab | Letterpress February 10
Design Drinking | Precious Baugh February 22


Grounds for Discussion | Personal Work/Life Balance March 10
Design Drinking | March 22


Design Fair + Portfolio Review April (date TBD)
Grounds for Discussion | Design Leadership April 14
Design Drinking | April 26


DesignLab | Build Your Brand May 12
Design Drinking | May 24


Business Roundtable June (date TBD)
Grounds for Discussion | How to Talk to Non-Designers June 9
Design Drinking | June 21


DesignLab | Career Mapping July 14
Design Drinking | July 26


DesignLab | Sketch Tooling & Plugins August 11
Design Drinking | August 23


A-list Speaker (TBD) September (date TBD)
DesignLab | Mockup a Digital Solution + Tools September 8
Design Drinking | Hispanic Heritage Month September 27


Townhall October (date TBD)
Grounds for Discussion | Social Change Through Design October 13
Design Drinking | October 25


DesignLab | Project Management November 10
Design Drinking | November 15


Grounds for Discussion | Keeping Your Passion December 8

By AIGA NWA Communications
Published January 1, 2018