Student Groups

AIGA encourages the formation of student groups at colleges and universities and is committed to developing these groups to encourage students to take the first step in showing a commitment to their professional interest and helping them understand the profession. The goal of student groups is to engage students in the local design community, create a community of their own, and help them build valuable leadership skills.

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Active Local Student Groups at Colleges and Universities

  • University of Arkansas Faculty Adviser: Bree McMahon
  • University of Arkansas Fort Smith Faculty Adviser: Bryan Alexis

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AIGA NWA Student Group Grant

The AIGA Northwest Arkansas chapter provides assistance in the form of grants for its affiliated student groups each semester during the academic year. The local board is dedicated to supporting the cultivation of student groups and their programming at the collegiate level.

A grant with a maximum award of up to $375 will be disbursed a single time per semester to all eligible student groups. Future accredited regional institutions and their student groups may be eligible once the group is officially formed, affiliated with AIGA Northwest Arkansas as their chapter, and recognized by the AIGA NWA board.

The grant application deadline by semester is the second Friday in September for the Fall;, and the second Friday in February for the Spring.

To be eligible, a student group must satisfy all of these requirements:

  • Be an official AIGA Student Group, learn more about starting an AIGA Student Group
  • The Student Group is affiliated with AIGA Northwest Arkansas as its chapter.
  • Complete the AIGA Northwest Arkansas Student Group Grant Application.
  • Applications must be submitted by the deadlines:
    • Fall: Second Friday in September
    • Spring: Second Friday in February
  • After a review of each application, the AIGA Northwest Arkansas Board will contact the faculty advisor with its decision. In the event a group’s application is not awarded funding, they may apply again during the next application period.
  • At the conclusion of the academic year in which the grant was awarded, the Student Group’s officers must email a report to the AIGA Northwest Arkansas board at,  outlining what was achieved with the grant.
  • In the event the group disbands and the grant has not been utilized, the funds must be returned in full or part to AIGA Northwest Arkansas.

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