DEI Policies

Diversity of thought is enhanced through intentional effort. AIGA NWA will be intentional in ensuring diversity through the policies included in our chapter’s bylaws, listed below.


Board Positions & Makeup

These changes will be implemented through our board election cycle at the end of 2020, for the 2021 programming year.

  • In line with our mission, the lived experiences our board represents should be diverse. Specifically, the board should seek to be comprised of at least 50% underrepresented groups by focusing on diverse recruiting and networking.
    • Examples of underrepresented lived experiences include (but are not limited to: Black, Latinx, Indigenous, Pacific Islander, Asian, and Middle Eastern individuals; Women, Trans, Agendered, Bigendered, Gender fluid, etc. individuals; and persons with disabilities
    • We will aim for any single group to not comprise more than a third of the board.
  • When evaluating an individual for a board position, the diversity their lived experience can bring to the board will be considered of significant value.
  • Every member of the board, per term will participate in a privilege and/or bias workshop.
  • Serving on the board should not be limited to those able to pay for membership. If an elected member of the board cannot maintain their membership, they need only to request reimbursement from the Executive Committee.


Initiatives and Programming

  • Starting immediately, every event and program of our chapter will have a free option to participate (without membership) to reduce the economic barrier for attending.
  • Starting in the 2021 program year, we will require one pod to focus on high school outreach around careers in design, emphasizing outreach to underserved communities in NWA, and educating parents alongside students about careers in design.
  • Mentorship is a powerful tool to equip young designers – especially young professionals of color. Starting with our 2020 program, we will ensure our mentorship program includes resources focused on those that self-select as young professionals of color or other underrepresented groups.
  • The definition of “good design” is influenced by our chosen event speakers or panel of judges. Starting immediately, any given year’s slate of event speakers and award program’s panel of judges should be comprised of 50% or more of speakers from underrepresented lived experiences. (Black, Latinx, trans, female, etc.)

Want a deeper dive into how we operate? Read our Chapter Bylaws