Outside the Box Education Series

As a design community, we know the importance of collaboration, diversity, and intersectionality when it comes to solving today’s problems.

The goal of this program is to share the diverse skills, knowledge, and experiences of design professionals in our amazing chapter with the next generation of student designers right here in NWA! We know from experience, there’s nothing quite like having someone from the field visit the classroom and share their stories. We’re working with local schools to do just that – bring AIGA into the classroom and share about being a designer!

We will engage speakers from across the spectrum – those still in college, junior designers, design leaders, freelancers, agency owners, in-house and those working for corporations.

Get Involved

If you would be interested in participating as a speaker for a 30-minute presentation reach out to us and let us know at info@nwa.aiga.org!

Want to help but can’t present? Share your advice and wisdom in Slack or via email (still info@nwa.aiga.org!) .

By AIGA NWA Operations
Published August 12, 2021