Black Lives Matter

“To create an inclusive, design-driven Northwest Arkansas.” That is the vision we operate our AIGA chapter from. We have watched recent events unfold with a heavy heart, knowing that this is a fight that has gone on too long.Black lives matter. AIGA NWA stands with our Black colleagues, friends, family, and community members. We see you. We hear you. And we love you.

There are many ways we can take an active role in supporting Black people and people of color. Please take a moment to do research and contribute in whatever way you can. Below, we’ve listed a few ways for us to all work to make a more inclusive community here in NWA.

Perhaps most importantly, though: extend support to your Black friends and family in ways that do not require additional emotional labor from them during this time.

With love,


Call or write to elected leaders to enforce accountability and change.  Find your elected officials here.

Support Black-owned businesses.


Get Involved.

Listen and Research.

What harmful systems unique to our community must be redesigned to drive health, security and justice in NWA?

How we are taking action with you:

  • Our next Chit Chat will be re-focused around the conversation “How might we collaborate, support, and better amplify the perspectives and needs of Black people and communities across our Nation?”
  • We will be reading THE CONDEMNATION OF BLACKNESS: Race, Crime, and the Making of Modern Urban America by Khalil Gibran Muhammad in this month’s virtual book club.
  • We will be featuring local Black designers through our platforms to amplify their stories and messages to this community.

Email with resources we can add to the list above or to nominate a designer to be featured.

By AIGA NWA Operations
Published June 2, 2020