EMERGE Designer Feature: Marco Cruz

Marco Cruz

Place of Work: AMBOTS
Job Title: Chief Marketing Officer


1. What is your design story so far? How did you get started in design? 
That narrative is still in progress, many plot twists in between. To briefly elaborate, I was introduced to AutoDesk in high school as part of my drafting and modeling class. My interest for the Architecture field then was my emphasis post high school. What I came to realize was that my main interest laid within the capabilities computers gave the designer. At that given moment I changed my degree program of Industrial ENGR to Computer Science ENGR at UofA Fayetteville. I believe I took a very analytical approach to design, mostly my upbringing is to blame for that. My father was an educator in his native land of Jalisco, Mexico. His parenting along aside with my mother really nurtured me to express myself and understand the power of communication in business. Entrepreneurship runs deep in the family and It was clear that I wanted to do design so my friend Geordany and I started a business named Ink Drop. We were young to say the least, but we both had a yearning to turn our design into apparel. The University of Arkansas and city of Fayetteville has been my stomping ground couple years now where I have been able to be part GSIE, UITS, FPL staff. Now am at AMBOTS where my work involves branding, marketing, agile development, and strategic business development.


2. What is one thing you’ve learned in your career so far?
Golly, so many I want to share. Don’t be afraid to express yourself rather enjoy peeling back the layers.


3. What is one thing you wish someone would have told you?
Your education does not define your skill sets, but your education is of utmost importance.


4. Have you learned anything about yourself/design that has surprised you? 
To break thinking habits, open your mind to a broader perspective.


5. Where do you go for inspiration or advice?
I find most of my inspiration through my life experiences, education, and occurrences. Dr. Rogelio Garcia Contreras Director of Social Innovation at Brewer Family Entrepreneurship Hub is also a big influence in my current work in social innovation and social impact. Also, the plethora of feeds on the web can help. Stay humble.


6. Where would you like to see your career go from here?
Success often unfolds through opportunity, take advantage of your opportunities. I see many opportunities that require a different approach of thinking. It is an exciting time to be a designer & engineer and hope to make an impact within social Innovation & non-profits. 


7. What are your favorite books, podcasts, blogs, etc? 

The Thesaurus: I love finding new words to add to my vocabulary
We Are Legion (We Are Bob)
Lord of the Rings, series

I like reading more, if I am listening to anything it will be my playlist. TED talks are cool.

Tumblr, D. Camarena, AIGA insta is clutch


8. What is your favorite project you’re currently working on?
I am looking to deploy or configure a web scraper to gather data from e-commerce giants In order to better understand consumer markets. Probably using python, .json as data collected through API calls.


9. What role do emerging designers have in our community?
Emerging designers have the stage to set the tone for the young workforce. Design now encompasses a wider range of influence, due to the rapid growth of technology. I challenge design driven by data, we must not fold to stats and metrics. Society has always expressed itself through the art’s, listen to the people and most importantly the kids.


10. Where can we find your work?
You can find me on FB, Insta, Twitter. My work portfolio can be available upon request. Check us out at ambots.net.



AIGA EMERGE is a national program series designed to empower, engage, and inspire emerging designers of different backgrounds and experiences as they grow their career. For more information about EMERGE, visit emerge.aiga.org.

EMERGE Awareness Week in Semptember 24 – October 3, 2018


By AIGA NWA Communications
Published September 28, 2018