Design Drinking with Seth Gunderson

Join us Thursday, October 12th at Cannibal & Craft for Design Drinking! Our AIGA Northwest Arkansas happy hour will begin at 6 PM.

This month Design Drinking will feature a special guest speaker, Creative Director Seth Gunderson! Seth will give a talk on his famous Shatto Milk Company branding, which took a struggling dairy farm and transformed it into “milk at its finest.”

Featured Speaker: Seth Gunderson








Seth Gunderson
Creative Director
Sullivan Higdon & Sink

About the work:
In 2003, the Shatto family literally bet their struggling family farm on a secondhand bottling machine with the hopes that creating their own brand of milk could help them survive the topsy-turvy world of commodity prices. With no experience and no budget for marketing beyond their bottles, the Shattos turned to Sullivan Higdon & Sink to help them create a brand that expressed their desire to deliver “milk at its finest.”

With the help of Sullivan Higdon & Sink, the Shattos were perfectly positioned to catch the wave known as “Eat Local.” And catch the wave they did. On that day in 2003, the Shatto dairy had about 80 cows. Today, the herd is 500 or so, their farm is an agritourism mecca and the Shatto Milk Company has become a local cult brand with more than 56,000 Facebook followers (a number some national brands would covet) and crazy upvotes on Reddit.

Shatto Milk Company

When & Where
Thu, Oct 12, 2017 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Cannibal & Craft
212 W Dickson St
Fayetteville , Arkansas 72701